CrossOver Healthcare Ministry

CrossOver Healthcare Ministry is the largest free clinic in the state of Virginia that provides health care services to a diverse group of nearly 7,000 uninsured patients yearly. It offers a full array of medical services in a patient-centered medical home setting including family medicine, primary care, obstetrics and pediatrics, podiatry, orthopedic, dental, ophthalmology, mental health, infectious disease, and pharmacy. Patient care is provided by a group of interprofessional health practitioners that work closely with the pharmacy team. As an ambulatory care resident, you will have the opportunity to work in a unique and interprofessional setting.

Pharmacists provide comprehensive medication management services under a collaborative practice agreement for patients with diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia and heart failure and for those on anticoagulants. In addition to patient care responsibilities, residents have opportunities for research, practice management and teaching at CrossOver's practice sites. 

A quote from Dr. Mike Murchie, medical director of CrossOver Health Ministry:

"The Pharm.D. ambulatory residency program has been transformational for the quality of care for patients at CrossOver. Beyond socio-economics, our patient population has myriad potential barriers to effective care for their chronic diseases. Having a Pharm.D. resident and faculty as an integral part of our care team has enabled many patients to make progress toward their goals of care and overall wellness."


John Bucheit, Pharm.D., CDCES, BCACP, FADCES
Residency Program Director
Department of Pharmacotherapy and Outcomes Science