Ibrahim Alhomoud

Ibrahim Alhomoud, Pharm.D.

Stacey Cutrell

Stacey Cutrell, Pharm.D.

We typically accept two residents per year. The residents work closely together and work at both clinics throughout the course of the residency.

Previous Residents

Resident Year     First Position After Residency
Funto Babalola 2021-22
    Assistant Professor, University of North Texas College of Pharmacy
Jenna Ingram 2021-22     Clinical Specialist, ChristianaCare Health System
Kevin Malloy 2020-21     Endocrine Clinical Pharmacy Specialist, Cleveland Clinic Endocrinology and Metabolism Institute
Vasyl Zbyrak 2020-21     Assistant Professor, Shenandoah University School of Pharmacy
Chase Board 2019-20     Clinical Pharmacist, Griffin Faculty Physicians, Inc.
Morgan Jones 2019-20     Clinical Specialist, Hampton VA Medical Center
Caroline Kim 2018-19     Clinical Specialist, Hampton VA Medical Center
Shawn Smith 2018-19     Assistant Professor, Western University College of Pharmacy
Jessica Ayers 2017-18     Clinical Specialist, Hampton VA Medical Center
Jamie Cook 2017-18     Clinical Specialist, Hampton VA Medical Center
Estela Lajthia 2016-17     Clinical Assistant Professor, Howard University College of Pharmacy
Eric Parod 2016-17     Ambulatory Care Clinical Pharmacist, Ascension Medical Group Sacred Heart
Michael Kelly 2014-15     Assistant Professor, Chapman University School of Pharmacy
John Bucheit  2013-14      Clinical Assistant Professor, Mercer College of Pharmacy 
Daniel Cole Kildow  2008-10      Clinical Specialist, Asheville VA Medical Center