Residency Goals in Ambulatory Care

Practice Excellence

  • Develop advanced knowledge in ambulatory care pharmacotherapy
  • Achieve patient management mastery of at least one chronic disease
  • Develop patient care skills in the ambulatory chronic care setting 
  • Develop a sound understanding of pharmacy practice management
  • Become an integral member of a healthcare team

Scholastic Excellence

  • Demonstrate proficiency in teaching in both didactic and small group learning environments
  • Develop effective precepting skills
  • Generate new knowledge in ambulatory care pharmacotherapy
  • Interpret and disseminate knowledge in ambulatory care pharmacotherapy

Individual Excellence

  • Develop and improve upon a system of self-assessment skills
  • Demonstrate exemplary verbal and written communication skills
  • Utilize a system for balancing multiple work-related and personal responsibilities
  • Understand the importance of professionalism through participation in pharmacy and interprofessional organizations